Refund Policy


All fees received for Visa Application ordered by you become non-refundable once the Company has commenced application process of such Visa(s); provided, however, that the Company will refund fees in connection with defective or nonconforming Visa Application if:
(I) the Company receives notice in writing via electronic mail by no later than the end of the next business day after you receive the allegedly defective or nonconforming Form application for visa, which notice shall state with particularity the nature of the claimed defect or nonconformity; and
(ii) you return the allegedly defective or nonconforming application form to the Company at your expense or via mail, and the Company receives the same no later than the end of the fifth calendar day after you receive confirmation of visa apply ; and
(iii) the Company reasonably determines that such claimed defect or nonconformity exists and is attributable solely to acts or omission of the Company which the Company has retained responsibility for hereunder.

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