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ORDER FORM: Iranian Visa

The Action-Visas Destination Iran order form that you have filled in, specifying the options chosen


An Official Form of the Embassy of Iran

REGISTRATION ON THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT SITE ( unless you have chosen the option from our services ):

The visa application must be registered at the Iranian government website: https://request1.evisa.mfa.ir/request/en/ , the final certificate ( including a barcode ) must be Attached to the file.

Insert a scanned copy of your identity photo and your passport online

Print the registration certificate with a barcode.


Two identical identical color photos on the form, format 4.5 x 3.5 cm ( no photocopies or scanned photos ).


A passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of submission of the application and comprising two completely free pages ( face to face pages ) of any Iranian visa entry


A copy of the passport information page


A certificate of repatriation insurance covering the entire stay. Possibility to choose this optional insurance from Action-Visas, immediate issue ( see insurance options )


Depending on the purpose of your visit, the presentation of one of these documents will be requested:

Either the visa authorization number issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( Telex called: FORM 1 ). Action-Visas can help you to obtain your official authorization: You will have to check this option when ordering online, we will attach this document to your file at the consulate

Either a confirmation of hotel reservation ( a few nights ) accompanied by a copy of your return ticket

Either a certificate of welcome issued by your host ( sse ) accompanied by a copy, recto / verso, of his ID


Attach, in addition to the documents cited above:

A copy of the family book ( parent pages + child birth (s) )

If the application is not enclosed with the parents’ application: Provide an authorization to leave the country to Iran, signed by the parent (s) and certified in the Town Hall or by a Notary, accompanied by a copy Of the passport (s) of the parents.

WITHDRAWAL ONLY FROM YOUR PASSPORT ( if your file is deposited at the Consulate ):

Order on our site a ” withdrawal of my passport to the consulate “, select a possible mode of reshipment then send us the original consular receipt accompanied by our order form.


For foreign nationals ( non-EU ) resident in France: Attach a copy of the residence permit valid for at least 6 months after the end of the visa.

“INCOMPLETE DOSSIERS”: any file may be deposited with the consulate only if it is complete. Incomplete files will be filed the day after the receipt of the supplement and it is imperative to contact Action-Visas after sending your supplement by mail, fax or e-mail to ensure that your shipment is received.

COMPLETE YOUR IRAN VISA APPLICATION FORM : Please complete all sections of the official embassy form to avoid delays.